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Foster for us

Come and join our family of fosterers!

We are in desperate need of dedicated volunteers to foster kittens, cats or small animals in the Merseyside area.

Our fosterers are our crucial 'cogs' that enables our rescue to function, without fosterers we would not have a rescue! Fostering involves caring for the rescue animal until we find him/her their forever home.

Fostering is one of the most rewarding roles as an animal rescuer ... AND IT SAVES LIVES!!!

The more foster homes we have the more animals we can help, so please get in touch! To find out more info please contact us by email :- rescuemeanimalsanctuary@gmail.com

Laura "For me as well as being rewarding I think it's teaching my 3 children some important lessons, they learn to be caring and compassionate as well as getting to watch kittens and cats grow and flourish in our care."

Sue "It is great to get a pregnant mummy or with tiny little babies and to help her look after them. It's my job to help mummy be the best she can be. It's really great to watch the kittens develop and grow and then watch them find their new for -ever homes. I think that from the start it's important to remember they are not your kittens you are just looking after them for their future family."

Laura "I love fostering because I get to watch the kitties grow and become happy and I get a kitten fix every day"

Gina "Just very very rewarding. To see how they come to you, especially when they haven't always had the best start, and then to see the difference you help in getting them ready for the next step of their journey is just great. Yes, it can be hard to say goodbye, but you know that they will be going to an amazing new home. Its an experience and as a foster home you could be making the biggest difference to an animal who may have otherwise not had a chance."

The Shepherd Family "We foster as a family, because the boys love animals. Its really good for them as they learn to look after different cats and love when we get someone new to be able to get to know them. Although I think Adam and me struggle to say bye !! Its a pleasure an good fun!!! We love helping the cats and they become part of family while here. The boys love telling people bout their foster cats and rescue me and try to spread the word how great the rescue is!!

Faye "It's a really rewarding experience helping an animal on it's journey to it's forever home. Gaining there trust & love as you watch there personality develop with your love. As a fosterer you need to be patient and understanding of what the animals may have been through, giving them time and space to adjust knowing you are not alone and part of rescue me fostering community which you can share experiences and concerns. Getting to personally meet the forever 'parents' is a lovely experience, as you get a better understanding of who your foster animals will eventually be living with"