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All About US


Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary #91157210)  is a small foster home based animal sanctuary in the Merseyside area, set up in July 2013.

In March 2018 we purchased Bell's House Farm which is now the new home of Rescue Me. With our own premises we will be able to help many more animals.

We primarily focus on rescuing unwanted/stray cats and small animals, however we will aim to help any animal in need and aim to start helping dogs once our kennels are up and running.

We currently have around 30 foster homes throughout Merseyside and we are very keen to recruit more! The more foster homes we have the more animals we can help.

Our philosophy is to accept an animal into our care based solely on its need and not on any other physical characteristic, providing we have a suitable foster home free.

We believe that by looking after a rescue pet in a home environment we are able to fully assess the animal, understand its needs and the type of home he/she will require and ultimately match them to a suitable home.

We have a strict non-destruct policy and will keep every animal in our care until a forever home cane be found.

What We Do:

As well as taking needy animals into our care and re-homing them, RMAS also supports members of the public who need pet advice.  This is achieved by promoting neutering schemes within the community. Members of the public are directed towards existing neutering schemes in respect of any animals which they are keeping.  RMAS also offers free behavioural advice, from a trained professional, for owners who are struggling with their pet. Often this support can keep the animal in its home, reducing the amount of animals needing rescue spaces.

Any animal admitted into our care is so via a 'gateway' system. This means all our animals have been assessed by highly experienced volunteers, had all their veterinary needs seen to, neutered, treated for parasites, chipped and photographed before heading off to a suitable foster home.



Meet Our Patron - Tamara Wall

Tamara is best known for playing Grace Black in Channel 4 Hollyoaks. She has also starred in legally blonde in the west end & Eastenders. Tamara is a huge cat lover & adopted 2 kittens, Wispa & Luna from us in 2014.

She heard about Rescue Me after Lucky Laurie made the news and she instantly offered to help us. She has always jumped to help and support the rescue whenever we have appeals & even lent a hand at bottle feeding.
We are so grateful for Tamara's support and helping raise the charity's profile.

Follow Tamara on Twitter: @tammiew